600x600 Double floating mold

Double floating mold, with the advantages of rigidity and compactness compared with other normal molds, is mainly used to press the tiles on the front face, so they are more applicable to the large-sized tiles. Special attention should be paid to the hydraulic circuit which enables the uniform action of the internal parts, avoiding any uncontrollable abrasion or deformation. This mold is dedicated to the manufacture of luxurious tiles or to the unstable productive situation.
The advantages of double floating system are as follows:
  1. The tile is formed completely inside the upper frame, where it is compacted between the two punches.
  2. The fact that there is no contact between the upper and lower liners ensures gradual and uniform exhaust, preventing from any damaging or cracking (even though for the tiles as thick as more than 20mm).
  3. It’s possible to adjust, in the range of 5mm, the thickness of the tile by direct operation on the press.
  4. During ejection from the upper cavity, the tile always keeps zero motion inside the lower frame without any outside stress, changing or descending.
The advantages of the tiles pressed by the double floating mold:
  1. The surface of the tile is of perfect smoothness and luxuriousness.
  2. Total elimination of abrasions and scratches.
  3. No trace of previously pressed ceramic tile.
  4. 5mm of excess material at the edges may be saved.
  5. Only one time of edge-grinding is needed because the tile’s upper size is smaller while the lower bigger.
  6. No powder would leak from the cavity and the lower isostatic punch is applicable to this mold, which can resolve the problems of any deformation or distortion.