Exhaust punch

Characteristics of exhaust punch:
  1. This series of punches can totally solve the problem of cracking resulting from poor exhaust so that the rate of finished product is increasing in a big margin.
  2. The individual output rises up owing to the special structure of the exhaust punch which may effectively shorten the exhaust time and reduce the number of exhaust times.
  3. Compared with the same kind of products from other factories, our products have the advantages of no-leakage, no-blockage, no need to install blow pipe, easy maintenance, etc.
  4. The exhaust punch is divided into three species as below:
  • Micro-slit-type exhaust punch: applicable to the ultra-micro powder polished tile, grain polished tile, fancy polished tile, etc.
  • Isostatic exhaust punch: its special structure grants it both the functions of isostatic punch and exhaust punch, applicable to the common abrasive tile, normal polished tile, ancient-style tile, and so on.
  • Micro-pore-type exhaust punch: mainly applicable to the micro-powder patterned polished tile and normal patterned polished tile.

Isostatic exhaust punch                                                           Slit-type punch